Family Tradition


In 1998, Kon/nos N. Pyrgakis, founder of the family business KON/NOS N. PIRGAKIS VINEYARDS  produced his first wine from their vineyards, in Asprokampos, Corinth, Greece.

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Kon/nos N. Pirgakis Vineyards

The vineyards are located in Asprokampos, Corinth a beautiful plateau that causes the senses. Bounded by the majestic Ziria and Gravias, in the region of Nemea.

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  • mosxofilero
  • Merlot Hmigliko
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Pirgakis Winery is made under the most stringent standards for bottling wine and has won all  the necessary certifications..

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Organic Farming

PIRGAKIS VINEYARDS are certified by "ΔΗΩ" for their organic Character. Organic Wine production is a majority.

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